Lead Magnets

Ah yes, Lead Magnets. We are all familiar with them. They hide behind every landing page on the market. Free e-book on losing 20 lbs in 20 minutes!? Sign me up. The spreadsheet of the gods for making a bazillion dollars? I’ll take it.

Simply put, lead magnets are the reason a person gives you their personal information. And it has to be juicy, because, let’s be honest, no one wants to give you their email– at first. Once they find out how amazing your business is, they’ll be begging for updates. But building the subscription and lead list can be tough, so we use lead magnets.

Lead magnets need to answer a few questions:

  • Does your target audience want it?

If you have a dog training website and you offer them the lead magnet “Ten Ways to Make sandwiches”, they  probably aren’t going to care. Target your audience, ’nuff said.

  • Is it juicy?

This one is a matter of perspective at times. A boring lead magnet can convert with a juicy title alone at times, but you really want to make sure that lead magnet is mouth watering, eye bulging, heart racingly good. Catchy catches for a reason. “The 5 things I did to make my first million dollars” is much better than “5 productivity tips”.

  • Can it be found elsewhere easily and without giving away contact info?

If your lead magnet is a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, it isn’t going to convert, unless you are Betty Crocker herself. If it takes me 3 seconds to find the info on your lead magnet elsewhere on the web, why would I give up my personal info for it. Make me want it, ya tease.

Here is a sample landing page created for a client:

This particular company runs a podcast. Rather than have people listen to dozens of podcasts right off the bat to find the info on this page, they offered new users a breakdown of the most important health tips they’ve discovered thus far – to get them “up to date”

Nothing over the top, but by relieving the burden of hours of audio and the bleeding ears required to learn this info, users happily gave us their name and email.

One more example:

special report

Tips for successful branding.  Nothing earth-shattering here. It is delivered to new business owners in exchange for their emails by a company which wants to create their website. It is a “special report” that the businesses pros (me, just some copywriter) spent years studying and now use to create successful startups. It sets this business up as an authority, creates a lead for a sale, and may even make a fan or two.

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