About Jon

Jon Johnson is a California-born Copywriter and Content Manager with a passion for personal growth.

He empowers his clients to impact their customers through strong branding and warm customer facing copy. Specializing in Natural Health and Wellness, Jon’s flexible style draws readers from every field.

Most companies write for themselves. Successful companies write for their customers. It seems obvious, right? Yet everywhere you look there are websites filled with ‘I Am’s and ‘We do’s. In reality, your customer knows what you do…that’s why they are on your website.

What customers really want to know is WHY they should work with you, and HOW you are different. Answer those questions using your brand’s unique voice and you have a web presence that sticks.

Words have power. Whether through content marketing or direct sales copy-words aim to empower the reader to achieve – while understanding that yours is the best tool to use to reach their goals.

To do this, you simply have to talk to people. Have a conversation with the reader. You wouldn’t call a friend and say “I got a hot deal forya. Last one in stock- special price just for you buddy- buy now!” would you? Then why are your customers any different?

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