What is MY Writing Style Like?

As a freelancer, it can be hard to answer this question. While the glory of giving your boss the finger and working from home is EXACTLY what it is cracked up to be; there is one caveat – A freelancer has as many bosses as they do projects.

This means that the:

  • Style guidline
  • Audience needs
  • Acceptable vocabulary
  • And general rules of the game

All change with every single project. It can be easy to lose yourself in the process.

Perfect example – As a person, I curse. While society as a collective herd has yet to accept this as another part of the fluidity of human expression, I am not society. I’ve noticed 3 instances in this post alone where I wanted to use fuck as a flavor enhancer.

And before your brain kicks in like some moth-eaten geriatric  saying “Cursing implies a lack of grammar, vocabulary, and creativity with the generosity of the English language” – you should hear my argument.

Here it is:

“Fuuuck that shit.”

If words are pounds i’m a hippopotamus, and there are STILL times where the best reaction is a well rounded 4 letter word.”

Does that mean this lack of regard for societies’ two-faced standards of language shows up in my work? Hell no. I’m a professional, and I carry myself as such.

Reality is, I have a personality..and its quite flexible. That’s why you hired me.

So, in an effort to keep it short and simple, I’ll answer the question.

What is my writing style?

I have no fucking idea…do you?


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