The Most Important Lesson

Honestly, you don’t remember that much from childhood. I’m sure that, given the right combination of meditation, incense and hypnosis, I could reel off memories faster than a printing press.  More than memories, speeches, or random inspirational quotes; what has shaped my life is experience.

The most important lesson I ever learned did not consist of a single syllable. It was never spoken to me or conveyed in letters, and it damn sure didn’t come from an educational facility. The most important thing I have  learned in this life is the power and importance of teaching yourself. Of course, you need someone to teach you how to teach yourself. For me, this came through osmosis; following one of the smartest men who ever lived (slight overstatement); my old man.

An autodidact himself, Bob Johnson did not make it past sophomore year. Whether it was because of the steady stream of alcohol and mind-expanding drugs entering his bloodstream, or because of an intrinsic need to be rebellious, the world will never know. This left him with both a hunger for information and a certain drive to prove to himself that he was knowledgeable. So when his mind hit the internet, look out!

Here’s where I come in. Being a sponge-minded snot-nosed young kid myself; seeing the rate at which my father could search for, digest, analyze, and apply answers to everyday problems using the tools like books and the internet simply astounded me. Growing up, if I had a question about the surface of the Sun; before I could shrug my shoulders and give up – he would be calling from his computer chair with the answer. Through the magic of television, this was hard-wired into my brain over the years. And I could never be more thankful.

While I know that the internet won’t tell you answers to any of the big questions (Who am i? What is my purpose? Why should anyone care? etc.), it will get you pretty far into the realm of knowledge. Its the external Akash. Electronic ESP. Whatever you want to call it;  telepathic communication shines out at you from the screen in your hand every time you get a text message. Why not take advantage of this?!

If you have a question – answer it.

In the 21st century, you really have to work hard to be ignorant.


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