What you are seeking: Do You Deserve it?

“what you put out is what you get back”

Positive Affirmations, meditations, visualizations-all focus around this concept. These are all great ways to set you on the path of feeling good- as you are well aware. These practices alone are enough to do great things in life.

But so often when using affirmations- the underlying issue is left unresolved. Unless we can move past and eliminate subconscious patterns, we will find only plateaus and dead ends which keep us from going any further. The fact of the matter is there is something within your subconscious paradigm which says you do not deserve this and are not ready for this, or it would already be here.

It is much like real estate. You don’t take an old building, slap a new coat of paint on it which says “I am worthy”, and then raise the price, do you? Of course not.

You remodel from the inside out.

daily practice

Take time each day to meditate, focusing only on the breath.
When you are ready, place your desired outcome in your mind. The contract signed, the program completed, a large check in your hand-whatever outcome you would like to see to say your goal is “complete”.

Holding that image, say aloud, calmly “I deserve this”.

Now listen to the signs and signals your body gives you.

A memory may come up of a past encounter, or of a moment in time which is completely unrelated. Watch the memory, thank it, and then release it from it’s attachment to you.

A sensation may show itself. A twinge in your gut, a heaviness in your chest, even a dull pressure in your shoulder. Follow that feeling, and breathe into it. Focus only on that sensation. Again, pay attention to any images or memories which come up as you focus on the feeling; watch them, and then release them from yourself, and go back to focusing on the feeling.

Breathe into the sensation, pulling it upward from where it sits and out the top of your head. Don’t force it, simply follow it with the breath as it makes its way up and up, out the crown of your head.

As it is leaving the body, thank if for the messages it brought to you, the feelings, images, memories, words, etc. And then release yourself from attachment to it. See the space where the sensation originated, and watch it being filled with a golden liquid-light.

Bringing the focus back to your breath, say aloud “I deserve this” and repeat the cycle.

Whether through one cycle of this, or 10, make this a daily habitual practice in the morning and the night, before you do your affirmations.

By saying a powerful positive sentence such as “I deserve”, you automatically trigger the subconscious mind, which has been conditioned by society, parents, and peers to think in term of lack and scarcity. The subconscious mind sends back signals, all the memories and feelings and reasons why you don’t deserve.

By acknowledging the purpose they served you, and releasing them, you make space within yourself to be filled by your positive mental paradigm and affirmations instead.

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